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We provide shear and scissors sharpening for salons and individuals, as well as knife sharpening across the greater San Francisco Bay Area.

Want a cutting edge? We've got you covered.


In the Bay Area? Contact us for an appointment and we’ll come to your salon and service your shears while you wait.

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Fast, Affordable, Convenient and Guaranteed. We’ll sharpen your shears and return them fast - within 24-48 hrs of us receiving them.


We service more than salon shears - contact us to get your knives and other household shears sharpened too.


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Well Sharpened serves the San Francisco Bay Area and Santa Cruz County in sharpening, repairing and restoring fine salon shears. These shears are designed and constructed unlike any other cutting tools. Attention to detail and precision execution prolong the life of the shears - that's where we come in.

Our precision sharpening and repair is 100% guaranteed. And our customer service is second to none. If you are not satisfied for any reason, we will refund your money, no questions asked.


We’ll sharpen your shears right. Good enough is not good enough when working with your investment and crucial tools.


Sharpening FAQs

Why do I need my shears sharpened?

Precision haircuts depend on two things: your skill as a stylist and the performance of your shears. Substandard edges mean inconsistent cuts and extra work for your hands. Shears that won’t slide, give a crunchy cut or fold the hair need sharpening and/or repair.

Why do I need a specialized sharpener to do the work?

Scissors don’t die of overuse, they are literally sharpened to death. The single most important factor that determines the lifespan of your shears is the skill level of the sharpener. High quality sharpening removes only the absolute minimum of steel to develop a precise, polished new edge while preserving the shape of the shears.

How much does sharpening cost?

Standard shears are cleaned, sharpened and sanitized for $32 at on-site sharpening. If there are extra repairs that are needed, each scissors is evaluated individually.




Get in Touch!

Write to us, text, or give us a call now! We’re always happy to provide a free consultation and answer any of your questions.

Well Sharpened is located in Los Gatos, California and services the greater Bay Area and Santa Cruz.

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